Event Organiser

Getting Organised Makes Events Run Smoothy!
If you have ever organised your own event, you will know what effort you have had to put into it to make it happen!

I have been to so many events that could have been 100% better if they had been professionally organised. Who does what, where, when and how is the simple rule but so many people get it wrong!

The easiest way is to get a professional involved and this is where I come in to help.

You tell me what you want, where do you want it, when and how do you see the whole event? Do you want flowers, table plans, what colour cloth, what decorations, what food, how to serve it, table or buffet? Is there a theme, how does it fit in, what cars, what photographer, do you have background musicians, a piper maybe, the DJ, which DJ, and what about the evening? Did you want a chocolate fountain or a fruit display and how about an ice sculpture? Do you need famous people to present your awards? I have worked with all these people in the past, and still do, and can tell you what works and what doesn't, who I would recommend and why!

There is a lot to do but, if we sit down and you appointment me to get it all together, then all you have to do is feed me the information and I will come back to you with objective answers - within your budget and professionally organised.

I work to your budgets, your requests and your ideas - the difference will be that I already know where to look for the things you want - you relax - I''ll do the running for you!

Give me a call on 0788 788 8488 or drop me an email and let's have a chat - that costs nothing at all!