English Traditional Weddings

How to make your day just that little more special!
Before I became a Toastmaster, I had been to weddings that were very good but lacked the finer detail, the meet & greet, introductions, who does what and where, what has been left out, should we cut the cake now or what? When do we do the speeches and where are the gifts, who gives to who?

I make  a promise to you right now, I will help you make your day (and evening) even more special by being there to ensure that your day runs smoothly, confidently, efficiently but with lots of fun too! After all, it is a joyus occasion and you should be able to relax and take it all in. It will go quickly and before you know where you are, you are saying goodbye to everyone. You focus on the fun and I''ll focus on keeping your day a great success.

The etiquette of the day, the speeches, seating and something I think is very important - "mingling"! Yes, apart from doing the announcements, liaising with your venue, DJ and Photographer, I "mingle" with your guests, keeping them informed of what is happening and when. Behind all this, you and the bridal party will be able to enjoy the whole proceedings knowing that the "red coat" is working and looking after you and your guests, with the intention of making it a true day to remember! Call me for a chat on 0788 788 8488 and I''ll pop over to see you at your convenience.